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Not every bulldog Comes out perfect or maybe placed in a good environment , there are many factors. 

But it happens.. 

I take in Rescues or breeders or surrenders from families that no longer can keep the dog  or I get a call from a vet to help and take a bulldog when they have a surrender or a issue. (varies) or I have older puppies so we dicount them. 

Sometimes families don't have the time to re-home, so I do for them. 

EACH dog has their own story 

Here is what I have :

1.  Sassy ( older female bulldog ) she has been with me for 5 month now . She is potty trained and spayed . She just needs a forever sofa to rest her days on. She loves car rides , Loves to have a area of her own ( she loves my office ) sits in her dog chair and just relaxes. and playful still   She is good with other dogs as I have multiple bulldogs. She is great with kids etc..  I recommend doing a met and greet if you have other dogs.. She does require turkey food  ( n )    Rehome fee is 700

2.  If you interested in older puppies we have skip and chole available for only 2800 . they are 6 months old and need a fmaily! nothing is wrong with them just haven't found there forever home yet . ( English bulldog)

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