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Vals Advice:

Do Not Buy a puppy from a retail store or non-breeder " especially from A lake STEVENS WA BULLDOG  broker lady  ..


If you do, then your puppy is from Puppy mill/ Inbred that they paid cheap for then resold to you for thousands. AVOID THE HEART ACHE/ Health Problems / aggression when they grow up. 


.. ONLY BUY FROM A REAL BREEDER who cares 100% about the Bloodlines. Health, reputation these retail store and lake steven WA bulldog broker only care about the profit.  they will smile and provide customer service for that purchase but after that you're on your own .. so please buy from good breeders like me 

A Rescue are always a good idea but that is also supporting bad breeders. you're adding a family member ' so let's add a great Pack member from the start and healthy non inbred puppy that is trainable with the great lines.  - call me 


Just an email or phone call way...
Tel: 425-215-5389" YOU CAN TEXT ME TOO "
Email :
payment : in person or online by cash, venmo, cash app, zelle, check if local.






Shipping is Available If your local I can deliver By driving to you.




Bulldogs can't fly over 20 lbs on airlines and they all must be in cabin vs cargo .  This is because all the airlines have flat face breed restrictions.

 So its best to buy a puppy from 8weeks up 18 weeks of age so they are able to fly.

With my pups I fly directly to your airport at a schedule landing time, and you would meet me there.  I fly myself because I don't trust other companies. as They let people touch the dogs, do ground contact  etc.. I'm a professional and have the right set up for success. I have passion not just a job!


Ground transportation companies 

I don't use unless its myself or family , this puts alot of exposure on puppies, Puppies are not 100% protected from virus or parasites so putting them in a dog area is not the best idea as other dogs carry nasty things. 

Thanks for visiting our website...    

Breeder Advice to you! 

How to catch a fake bulldog puppy posting

1. Price is between 300- 2000manmade dogs, which means artificial insemination, c- sections and whelping is the hardest part. 24-7 care for 4 weeks then it's gets easier but cost a lot to create and to whelp ' there is no way bulldogs are this beautiful price

2. pictures are perfect ( they move around so much ' its hard getting that photo shop look) 

3. Misc common other red flags 

- Phone number not local 

- foreign accent 

-want you to wire money 

- pressure to hurry up and make payment  before dog is gone 

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